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See below for information, tools, and other resources available to our current and prospective partners in support of genomics and bioinformatics research.


Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN)

GGBN is a global consortium of organizations supporting the collection, maintenance and sharing of research-quality genomic specimens.

Global Genome Initiative Gardens (GGI-Gardens)

GGI Gardens is a program to enhance global plant collections by strategically collecting and preserving genome-quality samples representing global plant diversity.

Plant Diversity and Genome Resources

Data and Analysis Resources

GGI Knowledge Portal

Information on taxon natural history data, genomes and sequences, genomic and classical collections, biogeography and phylogeny.

GGBN Data Portal

Information on tissue and DNA collections available for research through the Global Genome Biodiversity Network.

Biodiversity Data Tools

Tools developed by GGI to analyze data associated with collections, DNA barcoding, and gap analysis.

Technology Resources

Barcoding Resources

Consortium of the Barcode of Life (CBOL) DNA Barcoding Data Standard for specimen metadata or sequence data.

Barcode Data Standard