The Thrill of DNA Barcoding (and Frog Eggs)

Posted December 19, 2016 - 9:49am

The Thrill of DNA Barcoding (and Frog Eggs) during My Science Internship   - a blogpost by Areli, 2016 YES! GGI Intern

Areli, YES! Global Genome intern, worked with Dan Mulcahy (GGI) on DNA Barcoding the amphibians and reptiles recently collected in Myanmar on a GGI funded expedition. Areli focused on a group of frogs, using DNA barcoding to identify which species lays its eggs on the ground or in the trees.

The Youth Engagement through Science (YES!)  program is a career immersion and science communication program for youth. YES! GGI interns spent 12 weeks during the summer and fall of 2016 building their science and communication skills, working side by side with scientists working with DNA in the National Museum of Natural History’s genomics laboratory, and doing independent research projects using the technology of genomic science.