Bernardo Santos

Bernardo Santos -

Bernardo Santos joined the Global Genome Initiative in 2018 as a GGI Peter Buck Postdoctoral fellow. He divides his time into genomic research on the drivers of diversification of parasitic wasps, mixing shape evolution with functional genomics, and GGI development work. Currently, Dr. Santos is helping to manage a project aiming to generate DNA barcodes for all terrestrial invertebrates at the NMNH.

Julia Steier

Julia Steier -

Julia Steier joined Global Genome Initiative as a Molecular Laboratory Technician in November 2018. She performs DNA barcoding and collections maintenance, including DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing and quality assessment of Botany collections for GGI projects.

2019 GGI Awards Programs for Smithsonian and Affiliated Researchers

Posted October 2, 2018 - 3:22pm

The annual Global Genome Initiative (GGI) Peer Review Awards Program and GGI Rolling Awards Program are now open for FY19. Smithsonian and affiliated researchers are invited to apply.


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