Event Opportunities

GGBN Conference 2018

Global Genome Biodiversity Network Conference 2018
Vienna, Austria
May 22-25, 2018

During its third international conference, GGBN along with the accompanying organizing institutions will focus on topics related to the exploration of the wealth of diversity that is currently stored in biodiversity biobanks worldwide. Surrounding the main theme of “The International Day for Biological Diversity” proclaimed by the United Nations, sessions will cover agricultural, forest and environmental biodiversity and their characterization by state-of-the-art genomic, phenomic and molecular tools. This characterization process is a substantial part of any long-term strategy to ensure the preservation of biodiversity and thereby to secure the foundation for subsistence of mankind. The GGBN international conference will be of interest for different stakeholders ranging from academia to industry and the public sector as an opportunity to discuss the most recent findings on biodiversity conservation, analysis and function.

For full conference information, including call, registration and program, visit https://meetings.ggbn.org/conference/ggbn/2018/.

Register by January 12, 2018 to receive the Early Registration Rate: http://oegmbt-events.at/ggbn2018/

Funding Opportunities

2018 GGI Peer Awards Program

The Peer-Review Awards Program sponsored by the Global Genome Initiative (GGI) provides funding to Smithsoninan and Affiliated Researchers for projects that support expeditionary research, the collection of genomic quality archival biological tissues, and the development of genomic biodiversity science.

The submission deadline for proposals this year is December 15, 2017. The Proposal Review Committee will consider requests for up to $30,000 with clearly articulated budget justifications. Note that this proposal call is separate and distinct from the GGI Rolling Awards Program.

 The 2018 GGI Peer-Review Awards Program is now closed. Please check back for information on the 2019 GGI Peer-Review Awards Program.

2018 GGI Rolling Awards Program

The Global Genome Initiative (GGI) Rolling Awards Program provides funding to Smithsonian-affiliated researchers for projects that support GGI goals of expeditionary research and development of genomic biodiversity science at the SI. Requests up to $30,000 with clear budget justifications will be considered. Smaller proposals to enhance field work and/or acquire genomic collections are especially encouraged. Proposals with a DNA barcoding component may be jointly considered and/or funded by the SI Barcode Network.

For more information, and to apply, visit 2018 GGI Rolling Awards Program - Call for Proposals.

2018 GGBN-GGI Awards Program

The GGBN-GGI Awards Program sponsored by the Global Genome Initiative provides funding in support of projects that promote the discoverability of new genetic collections through the Global Genome Biodiversity Network’s Data Portal (http://www.ggbn.org/ ). Any institution with non-human genetic resources, to include both current and prospective members, who are pursuing or have achieved GGBN core membership are eligible to apply. Institutions with successful proposals who have not yet joined GGBN must − as a minimum − become an Associate GGBN Member by signing the GGBN MOU prior to the awarding of funds and become a Core GGBN Member upon project completion. The submission deadline for proposals this year is 1 May 2018. The Proposal Review Committee will consider requests for up to $30,000 with clearly articulated budget justifications. All data must be made available online on the GGBN portal before 1 September 2019.

For more information, and to apply, visit the GGBN website at http://wiki.ggbn.org/ggbn/Global_Genome_Biodiversity_Network-Global_Genome_Initiative_Awards_Program.

Fellowship Opportunities

National Museum of Natural History GGI Buck Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Global Genome Initiative Buck Fellowships are two-year fellowships that contribute specifically to the goals of the Global Genome Initiative (GGI) at the National Museum of Natural History and include a 60% time commitment to biodiversity genomic research and 40% commitment to other GGI related activities.  The fellowships are aimed at increasing the capacity for biodiversity genomics at the National Museum of Natural History.

GGI Buck Fellowships are oriented toward contributing research on a topic relating to GGI’s overarching goal, “Preserving and Understanding Earth’s Genomic Biodiversity.” The program aims to leverage question-driven, peer-reviewed research on biodiversity, evolution and ecology in order to accelerate the acquisition, genetic identification, and genomic research on strategically chosen samples of the major lineages of Life. For more information on GGI activities and goals visit the GGI website at ggi.si.edu.

For the complete call with application instructions, visit https://www.smithsonianofi.com/blog/2018/02/02/global-genome-initiative-buck-postdoctoral-fellowship-program/.

All application materials must be submitted by or on 30 March 2018 for consideration.