YES! Global Genome Initiative student perparing genomic samples for DNA sequencingYES! Global Genome Initiative student perparing genomic samples for DNA sequencing

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Training the Next Generation of Biodiversity Genomic Scientists

GGI engages the next generation of biodiversity genomic scientists by providing training through STEM programs, advanced fellowships, and visiting scientist opportunities. Our staff regularly participate in museum-wide outreach programs and mentor scientists at a variety of levels, including high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and senior-level faculty members.


GGI has supported a number of outreach programs for students at the National Museum of Natural History, including a molecular laboratory boot camp for high school students from under-represented communities in the DC area, the Yes! Global Genome Initiative: The Next Generation of Genomic Researchers program; an undergraduate crash-course in modern field biology in collaboration with the U.S. Geological Society and local universities; undergraduate and high school internship opportunities in genomic sample preservation techniques and research bioinformatics.


GGI’s fellowship program provides opportunities for postdoctoral scientists to conduct new and innovative research in biodiversity genomics in order to better understand Earth’s genomic biodiversity.

Museum Outreach in Biodiversity Genomics

GGI supports museum outreach events in biodiversity genomics such as weekly biodiversity informatics assistance brown-bag lunches, local workshops and citizen science programs. Events range from the DC Girls Who Code immersion program workshop on data analysis techniques in science to the DC City Nature Challenge.

Communicating Best Practices in Genomic Research and Collections

In order for GGI to reach its preservation and understanding goals, standards and best practices for collecting, managing and studying Earth’s biodiversity must be communicated to the global research and collections community. This is achieved by working with collections and technology partners to disseminate knowledge through GGI supported workshops and publications.