Cryptobiotic Condos—How Genomics Helps Monitor Coral Reefs

The following is a blogpost about an expedition sponsored by the Smithsonian's Global Genome Initiative. There’s more to reefs than fishes and coral, far more. In fact, it is estimated fishes and coral make up less than 1% of all reef-associated animal species. The other 99% of reef diversity –...


Access to taxon and genomic sample information, tools and training to support genomics and bioinformatics research and information and other resources for our current and prospective partners.  


YES! Global Genome Initiative student perparing genomic samples for DNA sequencingYES! Global Genome Initiative student perparing genomic samples for DNA sequencing

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To learn more about the YES! Global Genome Initiative program, GGI fellowship opportunities, and visiting scientist opportunities, please contact us

GGI will engage the next generation of biodiversity genomic scientists by providing training opportunities through STEM programs, advanced fellowships and visiting scientist opportunities.

Exemplary programs supported by GGI:

Yes! Global Genome Initative: The Next Generation of Genomic Researchers



Inspiring Teenagers

Genomics is increasingly an important part of how the world defines and studies organisms. GGI's push to inspire and train the next generation of genomics researchers is critical.

Open Access Drives Discovery

One of the biggest roadblocks to non-human genomics research is finding information. Do samples exist? What do we know about them? And, most importantly, what are we missing?

The Global Genome Initiative is building a portal that aggregates all this information to accelerate discovery. An ecologist studying elephant conservation in Kenya will have access to the same information as a researcher at the Smithsonian's National Zoo. Each can pursue his own questions.

Training the Next Generation

The Museum has always prepared emerging scientists to investigate life, in all its fascinating forms. The Global Genome Initiative will continue this tradition. We will attract the brightest minds and increase our ability to train pre- and postdoctoral students.


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