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Collecting with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama

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Smithsonian bioinformatician using high performance computing to annotate genomes

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Storing genomic collections in one of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network's partner biodiversity repositories.

Preserving and Understanding Earth’s Genomic Biodiversity


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The Global Genome Initiative (GGI) is a bold, science-based endeavor to capture and understand the Earth's genomic biodiversity, preserve it on ice in biorepositories worldwide, and make it accessible to researchers everywhere through the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN)—in perpetuity.

By gathering and safeguarding organisms from the Tree of Life, GGI will ensure that researchers can tap into nature to solve scientific and societal problems.

Nearly everything we hope to learn about life and how it has evolved can be uncovered through genomics. GGI will make it possible to discover new species and relationships, explore nature's spectacular innovations and illuminate the inner-workings of ecosystems and how they support us.

 Answers to questions that were once beyond our limits are now within reach, because of the Global Genome Initiative.

Ambitious. Critical. Possible.

In Global Genomic Collections


Genomic Sample Records Available for Research in The Global Genome Biodiversity Network


Families Represented in The Global Genome Biodiversity Network


Genera Represented in The Global Genome Biodiversity Network

Samples by Classification

Algae: 2
Animalia: 3528571
Archaea: 840
Bacillariaceae: 24
Bacteria: 32208
Chromalveolata: 16
Chromista: 1228
Eubacteria: 2454
Fungi: 18063
Metazoa: 8
N/A: 938
null: 139
Plantae: 184592
Protista: 1203
Protoctista: 2
Protozoa: 52
Viridiplantae: 164

Samples by Type

culture: 25393
DNA: 1676733
environmental sample: 108
eVoucher: 2
observation: 10
specimen: 1695205
tissue: 371800
unknown: 1755