About GGI

Why our work matters

82% of Earth's estimated 11 million species remain undocumented

Less than 1% of the planet's known genomes have been sequenced

$95M to $6K drop in whole-genome sequencing cost since 2001

1 in 4 prescription drugs contain materials isolated from plants

Our Vision

Preserving and understanding the genomic diversity of life on Earth.

Our Goals

  • Collect and barcode Earth's genomic diversity along the major branches of the Tree of Life.
  • Preserve the diversity of life and make it available for research in a trusted and transparent way.
  • Increase the capacity to sequence genomes.
  • Train the next generation of biodiversity genomics researchers.

By 2020 GGI intends to collect and make available:

  • at least one species from each of the approximately 10,000 taxonomic families
  • at least one species from half of the estimated 160,000 to 200,000 genera

And, as a long term aspiration:

  • potentially all living species: “life on ice”