2019 GGI Awards Programs for Smithsonian and Affiliated Researchers

Posted October 2, 2018 - 3:22pm

The annual Global Genome Initiative (GGI) Peer Review Awards Program and GGI Rolling Awards Program are now open for FY19. Smithsonian and affiliated researchers are invited to apply.

These two distinct awards programs seek projects that support expeditionary research, collection of genomic quality archival biological tissues, and the development of genomic biodiversity science. The primary difference is scope and timing of proposal submissions: Rolling Awards are primarily intended for smaller projects, while Peer-Review Awards are focused on rigorous, large-scale projects. Additionally, there is an annual proposal deadline for the Peer-Review Awards program, whereas Rolling Awards may be submitted throughout the fiscal year as long as funds are available.

PIs may submit proposals for both programs, but should not submit overlapping or interdependent proposals. All requests must be accompanied by a clear and specific budget justification.

Funding is also available through the Smithsonian Institution Barcode Network (SIBN) for projects with a focus on DNA barcoding of existing collections. The GGI Rolling and Peer-Review Awards will consider proposals with an incidental barcoding component, but larger barcoding efforts should apply to SIBN.

For more information regarding these awards programs and to apply, please visit:

Brief descriptions can be found on the GGI Opportunities page

The Call for Proposals and Application Forms can be found on the GGI Resources page